Respiratory Fit Testing

Do you have workers that require respiratory fit testing?  Book your fit testing now! We can come to you anywhere between Peterborough and Ottawa area!*

Whether you wear a respirator for day-to-day work, or you wear one in emergency response situations, you want to be sure that the seal between your respirator and your face is doing its job. Your health depends on it, you need quantitative respirator fit testing.

The best way to be sure the seal is effective is by conducting Quantitative Fit Testing with the use of a  PortaCount machine.  With this machine we are able to measure the exact effectiveness of the seal and provide a record with detailed information on the result of the test as well as respirator make, type and size. These records are yours to keep on file and are essential for due diligence.

We have experience providing fit testing in fire departments, manufacturing, industrial, health care, food industries, construction, mining and more. We will strive to meet your needs.

Our fit testing team is fully mobile and able to accommodate your needs at your convenience.  We service Oshawa and Peterborough through the Belleville and Kingston area and on to the Port Hope and Ottawa area.

Quantitative Fit TestingWith our Fit Testing you can expect:

  • Training on how to wear the respirator properly
  • A record of training on proper respirator use for your records
  • Training on maintenance and cleaning of respirators
  • Information on different types of respirators available (Full/Half face mask, N-Series, R-Series, P-Series)
  • Different types and sizes of respirators may be provided for testing if possible
  • A detailed report for each person detailing respirator information and results of testing (essential records for due dilligence)

Contact us now to book your respiratory fit testing!

* Some conditions do apply

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